Lifebloom Glow

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Lifebloom Glow

TL;DR This is an extremely lightweight addon that puts a glow around lifebloom's icon when it is in the pandemic window.

The "pandemic window" is the window of time in which you can recast a hot or dot and have the rest of the damage or healing "roll over" into the new hot/dot.

When you refresh lifebloom in this window of time, there is a secondary effect that happens: The "bloom" that normally only happens when you let it expire or it gets dispelled gets triggered.

Because of this, it is recommended to always refresh lifebloom in this important window of time. However, there is no official way to tell when exactly this window is available.

This addon was meant to eliminate the guesswork involved with knowing when to refresh Lifebloom by putting a glow border (the same border that is used for dispellable debuffs) around lifebloom when it is in the correct pandemic window.

- Only Blizzard frames are currently supported (Raid Frames, TargetFrame, FocusFrame)

- You may notice that the glow seems inaccurate out of combat. This addon works by checking the duration of lifebloom every time any buff is added, refreshed, or removed by any player in the group. In other words, it is highly accurate in combat under normal use circumstances where there are no shortages of rotational buffs being used, but may be less accurate out of combat when no one is using abilities. I intended for it to be this way so it's not constantly checking buff duration every single frame when it doesn't have to, saving (a lot of) CPU usage.

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