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This extremely lightweight addon was created for people to quickly and easily see active auras on other players by overlaying that aura on that player's unitframe so you can adjust your gameplay accordingly. Despite its name, BuffOverlay can track both buffs and debuffs.

By default, all immunity and damage reduction abilities have been added.

Type /bo or /buffoverlay to open the options panel or /bo help for more info/commands.


Multi Aura-Bar Support

You can have multiple (as many as you want) separate "bars" of auras on your frames, each with their own unique configuration.



Multi AddOn Support

AddOns supported as of v12.6:

  • AltzUI
  • Aptechka
  • AshToAsh
  • Blizzard Raid Frames
  • Cell
  • ElvUI
  • GW2 UI
  • Grid
  • Grid2
  • HealBot
  • InvenRaidFrames3
  • KkthxUI
  • Lime
  • LunaUnitFrames
  • Masque
  • NDui
  • PitBull4
  • Plexus
  • Shadowed Unit Frames
  • Tukui
  • VuhDo
  • ZPerl
  • oUF


Full In-Game UI

Supports the ability to control your overlays completely through the in-game menu with persistent custom buffs that will stay through updates.


Spell Tab



Localization help is always appreciated. BuffOverlay utilizes CurseForge's localization system. If you would like to help translate the addon into your language, please visit BuffOverlay's localization page on CurseForge.