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LFG Shout / Trade Shout

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Hard keeping track of all the LFG and trade messages in city trade? Filter the spam and don't miss a LFG/LFM request or a bargain trade in all the noise.

LFG & trade Shout (LFGShout), filters all general chat channels looking for typical LFG and trade chat text (LFG, LFM, LF2M, ICC, WTB etc). It uses and advance scoring system to rate chat messages and work out if they are suitable. Once it detects a chat advert it will log the request and shout it out to you in the middle of the screen (with a sound).

The last 40 players to post an advert can be accessed via the DataBroker Menu,


Main Features

  • Fully integrated into Data Broker (you will require a data broker compatible add-on such as BrokerFu).
  • (new) Detects coordinates in chat and can direct you to them using TomTom (needs to be installed).
  • Filters all general chat channels (including the old LFG if used)
  • Scores the advert by keywords to establish its validity and type of message.
  • Configure the filter level (all adverts to only multi keywords)
  • Keyword dictionary includes all common abbreviations for dungeons, raids, scenarios and PVP areas.
  • Keyword detection includes common link types (achievement, trade, etc)
  • keyword blacklist to filter out gold vendors, etc.
  • Announces the message in the centre of the screen, in chat (optionally) and with a sound.
  • Records the last 40 messages so even if you are AFK or busy, they will not be missed.
  • The message history is ordered by most recent and displays Message, Player, Time Since Message, Number of times player has posted a message.
  • Player messages coloured and iconized by type.
  • options to discard trade, LFG and /or guild adverts.
  • The count of number of times the player has posted a message indicates the desperation factor :)
  • Clicking on a message history row opens a whisper box that remembers the last whisper message you sent via the add-on.
  • Whisper window allows the inclusion of achievements in your reply.
  • Automatically selects the correct achievement if it is included in the original advert.
  • Have We Met? integration : Player name coloured in list and summary displayed in whisper window.
  • Designed for multi-lingual support.
  • Right click on data broker item to access options.
  • Chat forwarding (toggled through the config)
  • Lots more features.

*If you are using fubar, you will need a data broker add-on such as BrokerFu to see the menu.


Advert Creator

The creation of adverts for trade is now supported. Adverts are available across all toons.

You can crate a maximum of two lines of text and supports the following macros:-

  • #tradelink# - Inserts a link for the selected trade into the advert,
  • #tradename# - Inserts the profession name into chat.
  • #tradelevel# - Insert your current skill level.
  • #zone# = Inserts the name of you current zone.
  • #link:# - Inserts a link to the spell with an Id of

You can broadcast an advert by opening the advert editor or using the command line (/lfgs )

*Note: Only one advert can be broadcast in any one minute period to stop this feature being used as a spam tool*


Chat forwarding

When switched on, this feature will forward any suitable message to a separate chat channel (assuming no one else has already done so). This channel is monitored by LFG Shout and will add any messages meeting your filter setting to your list this means that if a user of this add-on is in a city, any adverts will be forwarded to players outside of the city.

This feature has been extensively tested to ensure it does not create SPAM.


What will it not do:-

  • Forward an advert if it has been recently forwarded by yourself or another player (i.e. reducing duplication)
  • Forward a message when in comabat. This is to reduce combat lag.
  • Forward messages to a global channel. The add-on uses its own dedicated channel.
  • Forward every message! It only forwards messages that meet the minimal criteria of the internal filters.
  • Is not affected by the White or Black list meaning user specific filter cannot cause pollution.


Custom Filters

  • You can now set-up custom filters in the options dialog. You can set-up 2 lists of filters allowed and disallowed. allowed and disallowed words over-ride default filters. However a default disallowed filter (e.g. gold seller) will still override all others.
  • The filter is a list of exact words or phases (not case sensitive) separate by semi-colons (;). For example 'ICC10;ICC25' will add to the list all text with those words in. however 'ICC' would only add those messaged with the exact work ICC in (i.e. not ICC10)
  • The filtering does support LAU regular expression for more complex filters.