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This addon is based on cRefillAmmo by Chimaine of EU-Blackrock.


If you are a hunter and you want to be reminded to buy ammo by opening a merchant window this is you're addon ;).

It refills your quiver or ammo pouch with the currently equipped ammo after you confirmed that.


New in Version 3.2 or higher:

Added some merchant options :

1. Shows a confirmation window before ammunition is bought.

     - Only the equipped ammo will be automatically refilled if disabled.

     - If disabled options 2-4 have no functionality

2. Suggests better ammunition if the merchant offers one.

3. If the merchant does not offer the ammunition currently in use, the best possible alternative is suggested.

4. Suggests suitable ammunition if none is equipped or it does not fit the ammunition container.

5. Sets the maximum amount of ammo stored in your bags. This setting is stored per character, the default Value is 5000.

(This setting makes the addon usable for other characters then hunters like warriors or rogues)