Lemmos Experience Bar


A additional bar to show the rested status of your characters.

If you want to know the rested status of your current character or one of your twinks this addon provides the needed informations.


The bar shows the percentage rested status on the left and the experience points required for the next level up on the right.


The tool tip shows additional data and the status of your twinks:

If the color of the name of a character is red then it is not resting.

100% rested means, that you reached the cap of 150% of current max level experience points.


Slash commands are:

/lexpbar - opens up the options panel

/lexpbar reset - resets all settings and restarts the UI.

/lexpbar show - shows up the bar

/lexpbar hide - hides the bar

/lexpbar lock - to lock the position of the bar