Legendary Stock Tracker

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Legendary Stock Tracker is an addon that helps you restock or keep track of all your shadowlands base legendary items
For any feedback, questions or support, please go to https://discord.gg/nYexBdaBuP


Tracking your stock

When opening or closing your bags, bank, mailbox, or auction house, LST will scan for all the items you have and keep track of them.
If you then open the LST window via the minimap icon or by typing /lst, you will get a table that shows you how many you have of each legendary.
Please note that you need to either reopen the LST window or click on a tab before the values displayed are updated.


Calculating profit margins
If you have TSM installed, LST can also show you a profit margin on each item.

When opening your professions, LST will scan all recipes you have unlocked, and remember which items you can make, and which materials are required for each item at each rank.
LST will then calculate an accurate crafting cost using your TSM material price for each of the materials.
Auction house cut is then taken into account from the dbmarket price to show you how much profit you would make on each item. If there is no dbmarket price available, LST will fall back on your tsm auctioning operation's normal price.
LST won't be able to read the data of ranks you haven't unlocked yet if you have never crafted any rank 1's of the item. You will need to craft at least one rank 1 of each item before LST can scan all other rank's recipes.

Restocking what's profitable
In the settings tab, you can find settings to choose your minimum profit you want to make before crafting an item.
You will also find settings to choose how many items you want to keep in stock, and how many of an item you should be short before you start crafting. 
The min profit when not max exp setting allows you to set a lower (or even negative!) min profit for items you still need exp in.

The settings menu always sets the same restock value for each rank, if you want to configure separate restock amounts per rank, you can use this command:
/lstsetrestock 1 2 3 4 5 6
you can always check what the current settings are by doing

If you enable the "only restock items I can craft" option, LST remember which items you can make when opening a profession, and only show items you can make in the restock tab.
Items you are short on, and should restock are highlighted in blue in the table overview, or you can go to the restock tab.


After pressing the update list button, the restock tab will show you all items you have to restock in a list, with the amount of them you should craft and the expected profit.

If you have you profession window open, you can click the "Craft next" button to automatically craft the next item in your restock list that you have the materials for.

The restock list updates when you loot a legendary base item, so if the list isn't updating, make sure your item loot isn't filtered out of your chat window.

If you prefer to press a keybind to craft, you can drag a macro onto your hotbar with the following command:

/click LSTCraftNextButton

There is also a material list, which lists all the materials needed to craft the items that are in your restock list right now.

The material list currently includes all materials in your bags, bank, and reagent bank, and updates when you loot materials or a legendary base item.


Vestiges are crazy, what is LST doing with them?
LST calculates the price of a rank 5 and rank 6 as if it is made with a vestige of the same profession.
If your crafter can make a cheaper vestige with another profession, LST will make you craft the cheaper vestige in order to increase your profit even more.
However, LST won't make an item that is profitable with a cheaper vestige, if it is not profitable with the regular vestige, this is done on purpose, because most people's TSM isn't set up to handle this, meaning LST would craft items which your TSM will never post.

If vestiges are cheap enough that it is worth making ranks 3/4 with vestiges as well, LST will do so, even if you have not unlocked the recipe to make rank 3 / 4 regularly!

What if I want to do more with this stock data?
You can export it as csv so you can paste it into a spreadsheet, in fact that's all the original version of the addon was intended to do!
Just go to the export tab, copy the text, paste it in the correct cell of the spreadsheet, and then make sure to click on the icon on the bottom of the pasted data, and click "split text into columns": https://imgur.com/wUD6jZb
It is important to click that button before clicking anywhere else in the document or you won't have this option anymore untill you paste the data again.

Since all the original functionality is built into the addon now, this spreadsheet is no longer maintained, but it can give you a base to start from if you want:

I post my auctions on another account, how do I get my data?
Don't worry, so do I. I've got you covered!
In the settings tab, there is a button to sync your data. Enter the name of the character that is online on your other account, and "click send data to this alt".
This will do a one time transfer of the following data:
- Which legendaries you are able to craft, and at which rank (to filter the restock list)
- Which legendaries you have in stock (LST will count all items on both the account of the receiving alt, and all items on the account of the sending alt)
- Which materials are needed at each rank of each craft (to calculate an accurate LST crafting cost on each item)

this means you can send your data from your account with your crafters, to you banker account so your banker will know which items you can craft, and what the recipes are, and you can send your data from your banker to your crafter so your crafter knows which items to restock.

If you don't want to keep changing the character name in your settings all the time, you can create macros for each of your alts like this:

/lstsenddata charactername

The numbers are wrong!
It happens, sometimes LST can't know when items have moved. For example if an auction expires LST can only know this once you opened your auction house again.
LST updates most data when opening or closing a window, if you think something isn't right, just open your bank, guild bank, mailbox and auction house again so everything can update.
You can also try to troubleshoot where this data is coming from by disabling caching, that way it will ignore all items from other alts and even everything you didn't open this session.
Hovering over the minimap icon will also show you how many items LST found in every source, color coded based on the class of the alt the items are on.


Known issues
- Items on the AH can't be updated if you don't have a single auction posted.
- LST sometimes doesn't get itemlevel data from the api, and therefore isn't able to count the item anywhere

- Spamming the craft button can cause LST to start crafting again before the list is updated

If you still have any questions, feedback or need support, please go to https://discord.gg/nYexBdaBuP