Leatrix Sounds (Dragonflight & The War Within)



Leatrix Sounds is a complete sound browser for Dragonflight and The War Within. You can browse, search and play any sound file in the game including emote sounds, boss sounds, NPC sounds, spell sounds, dialog, music, ambiance and more.  You can search for things like Jaina, Muradin, Ymiron, Lich King, Power Word Shield, Gnome Female, Silly, Zone Forest Day, Forest Scary Night, etc.

To see what this addon does, there is a list of features at leatrix.com/sounds.

Leatrix Sounds is available for :

How to use

Enter /lts to open Leatrix Sounds.  You can assign a hotkey to open Leatrix Sounds in the game keybindings panel if you prefer.


Use CurseForge App to keep Leatrix addons up-to-date.

For more Leatrix addons, visit leatrix.com.