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Keyboard's Minimap Icons

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I made this as a continuation upon DerangementMinimapBlips, but to my own preference. It shrinks down friendly NPC/Player targets for minimap icons on purpose because I find them to be a much lower priority. This distinguishes them from enemy targets better, allowing you to more easily sift through many enemies that may be clustered in an area. This is especially useful for hunters, where Track Humanoids in particular can make the minimap so cluttered that you might as well otherwise disable it. Because it's a texture replacement addon, it should be compatible with every other addon with exception to another texture replacement addon like aforementioned DerangementMinimapBlips. Like the previous addon, it also makes gathering nodes into a silver colour to distinguish from neutral players/NPCs. Unlike the previous addon, I've actually switched the icon for player / NPCs so that player icons have a gold ring around them. I felt this gives a better indication that player characters are unique.

Also best used / recommended in conjunction with FarmHud.


A link to my discord for addon projects and other things can be found here.



This addon comes with a couple options:


(All game versions)

/kmi disable - this disables the texture change temporarily but will be restored upon choosing a different option.

/kmi enable - returns your last loaded texture

/kmi default - the default texture choice, which edits just the tracking icons such as track humanoids/beasts into smaller icons.



/kmi circle - the same as above, except gathering icons now appear as their blue circles like the previous iteration of this addon before Dragonflight

/kmi blue - turns the gathering icons blue, a blend of the modern dragonflight icons with the blue color of the old addon.


(Classic Era)

/kmi small - turns the icons for things like Track Humanoids smaller. This option is unique to Classic Era.

Blizz changes the texture very often with each patch. The texture is located in:



Anyone can redistribute and modify the addon however they like, I'm just lazy with license understanding.



Classic is still limited to only tracking one type of thing at a time. You can't distinguish friendlies from enemies. You can't distinguish players from NPCs. I may try to make an improvement on this blip, maybe reduce the size or make it semi-transparent or something, but for now these are the limitations I'm set with by Blizzard. I still made gathering (herb/mining) nodes blue though at least.