Warning: This project is experimental. Its files will not synchronize across the CurseForge network.

Are you tired of being treated like just another log to fuel some other player's guild machine? Are you tired of the seemingly unending number of unsolicited guild invites, and whispers? Do you maybe even want to give these players a taste of their own medicine? Well, then this just might be the addon for you!

This addon consists of two parts: A privacy system that tracks and attempts to block unsolicited guild oriented whispers and invites - including a whitelist and pause control, to let only the guilds you wish to join, the privilege of communicating with you. The second part is a little bit less innocent; but seeks to give these players a taste of their own medicine - in order to hopefully put them in your shoes, as to how annoying these guild invites are.


This addon will attempt to automatically block any guild oriented whispers and guild invites from guilds that aren't on your whitelist. At this point, the guild and member that sent these interruptions, will be added to blacklists. In addition, you'll be able to see what guilds and players have been blacklisted, along with a reason why, date, time, and any applicable messages. So you can recognize and keep track of the worst offenders.

A Lesson

The second, optional part of this addon, is a reply-back and periodic whisper system. This will allow you to optionally automatically reply to the offending player, with a pre-made message. It will also allow you to automatically send an additional pre-made message to the players on your blacklist, on a weekly or monthly basis - in the hopes that they will start to see how annoying such unsolicited messages can be.


I must stress that the intention of this addon - especially the second part, is not to harass other players, or violate Blizzard's TOU in any other way. I encourage you to remember that the players who use such mass invite addons are not doing so to intentionally harass you, and despite how irritating it may be, you should always strive to be respectful, and avoid any angry messages or the use of foul language.

The purpose is to help as many people as possible to realize that with enough guilds using such addons, such unsolicited invites and whispers can quickly become very disruptive. Going out of your way to anger, or insult them, will not help anything. Not only will it make things worse for you; but it will likely make things worse for this addon as well.


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