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Don't know where Kalimgrimmardrassil is? Now you don't have to waste time searching on Google where everything is and just add a waypoint directly there!

This addon lets you add TomTom waypoints based on location name and lets you get directions to them (flight paths, portals to take, etc.). Locations and their coordinates are based on data from https://wow.tools/



This addon uses TomTom to add waypoints to the map. https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/tomtom



1. Set a waypoint at a location

Open the map to show JackJack and type a location (like "orgrimmar") into the search box

Then select one of the locations to add it as a TomTom waypoint.

JackJack GIF demo


2. Get directions to a location (experimental)

You can get directions from your player to a location by typing a location into the search box, then clicking the directions icon button to the right of the location. This will add each step of the directions as a TomTom waypoint and show a list of directions in the main window.


It automatically takes into account your toon's faction, so it won't tell you to go to portals that are horde only if you're alliance and vice versa.

This is an experimental feature, meaning it might be wrong sometimes. For example, it might lead you to portals you haven't unlocked yet, or which are temporary during a quest. This will probably change as I update the addon.


Directions list



  • /jackjack and /jj will open/close the JackJack window
  • /jjsearch <location> will return a list of the first 8 matching locations. For example, /jjsearch orgrimmar shows the following:


  • /jjset <number> will add a TomTom waypoint to the location with that number in your last jjsearch. So if you did /jjsearch org and Orgrimmar was the first result, then /jjset 1 will set a waypoint for Orgrimmar



Current datasets used

* AreaPOI - Points of Interest
* TaxiNodes - Flight points
* Map - Continent names
* AreaTable - Zone names
* WaypointNode - Portal entrances/exits
* WaypointSafeLocs - Locations of portals
* WaypointEdge - Connections between portals
* PlayerCondition - Requirements for entering portals
* ChrRaces - Player races



This addon is named JackJack after my WoW player friend Jack because we have a mutual friend named Tom, and this addon requires TomTom.