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End of iQueue, for now

Hi fellow iQueue users,

as you may already have noticed, iQueue wasn't fully working anymore. Blizzard protected an important API function due to battleground botters (who are now simply using a /click macro O_o) and another Queue addon which allowed people to build premade groups for random battlegrounds. This resulted in protecting the API function, of course, Blizzard did the right thing.

The bad message is that I'll quit maintain iQueue for now. My vision was to provide a broker plugin which fully replaces the minimap Queue icon. Because the API is protected now, you would need the minimap icon at least for leaving battlegrounds anyway. At first I thought about building my own dropdown menu without the leaving battleground feature, but that's really not what I want to do. I'm also not motivated in doing this.

As for now, iQueue simply displays all queues you are queued for, like always before. Hovering the LDB plugin displays the original QueueStatusFrame at the minimap icon, clicking the LDB isn't working anymore. I won't abandon the project because I hope for another API change which overhauls the complete WoW queue system - anyway, everyone who knows Blizzard will know that this will apparently never happen (for example, the quest log API is really weird and painful, but its working, so why should they overhaul it?).


Broker Plugin: iQueue

iQueue is an LDB plugin which displays your current queue status.

Requires an LDB Display Addon, f.e. Chocolate Bar!


  • Supports all different queue types in the game: Looking for Group, Looking for Raid, Raidfinder, Pet Battles, Scenario, Challenge, Wintergrasp/Tol Barad...
  • Displays each queue on the LDB plugin, in different colors:
    • Grey: Queue paused (WG/TB: queue available)
    • Red to yellow: Assembling group
    • Yellow: Invites are out, click "Enter"
    • Green: You're in an assembled group

Requests, Bug Reports and Localization

  • Please use the Ticket System on CurseForge to report bugs, unintended behaviour, request for features, etc. I won't handle any kind of requests via comments on Curse anymore. Thanks.
  • I refuse to translate my addons with translators like Google since it feels wrong. If you can provide localized strings, please use the CurseForge localization tool.


  • Plugin
    • Left-click: interacts with Blizzard queue dialog
    • Right-click: opens the options frame
    • Shift+Left-click: opens PvE frame
    • Shift+Right-click: opens PvP frame


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