In Progress Missions

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This addon track the in progress missions on all your characters. You can see a list that includes alt missions on Landing Page.


The status of mission are added to Missions List. It is sorted in the name of the character or the time left. In addition, detailed information on the mission level and the rewards, etc. are shown you.


In game usage

Open the Landing Page Report from the minimap icon as usual. Type /ipm if your character has not obtained Garrison yet. The menu popup when right-click on the mission list. Then, you can select the sorting method. Moreover, you can put the flag to ignored character.


 The command /ipm CovenantUI allows you to toggle the Covenant Mission Panel improvements. Don't enable this If you have taint problem.



  • When logout, the mission is stored. Thus, you will have to login once in all characters.
  • This addon doesn't function in the cross-account.
  • The currently playing character is always sorted to the top.
  • The status of building construction of garrison is not tracked.