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This is a non-intrusive addon that messages when close to or at the 5 instance pr hour cap.



* Automatically notification when locked to 3 or more instances within an hour. 

* Automatically notification when locked to 15 or more instances within an day.

* Automatically notification when at the cap and a new instance becomes available

* Fully automatic if the party leader has the addon installed.

* Handles cases where your alt resets while your main is offline

* Handles cases where the party is offline inside while party leader resets

* Handles implicit resetting when leaving group

* Is NOT automatic if party leader doesn't have the addon. In that case you must type "/ic reset", to let the addon know that instances were reset by party leader.


How to use it

Type "/ic" for help

Type "/ic print" to get a full list of the instances within the last hour

Type "/ic printall" to get a full list of the instances within the last 24 hours

Type "/ic reset" to flag instances as reset. Use this if party leader does not have this addon



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