Blizzard Raid Frame - Healer Mana Only

8,193 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 24, 2016 Game Version: 7.0.3

tl;dr: The addon hides all the power bars except healer's mana bars.


Currently, when we use the blizzard raid frames we only have the option of power bars on all players or no players. This leaves us with either a clean and pretty version where we can only see the health bars, or a chaotic one where we see all the power bars for every player rush up and down. However, unfortunately if we use the clean version we have no idea if or when our healers will run out of mana.

This addon sets out to be a compromise between the two. It hides the power bars for all players where their power level has no effect on anyone but themselves and leaves only the healer's mana bars visible.

What it does

This addon hides the power bars for anyone who is not a healer.
In additon the addon correctly aligns debuffs, buffs and borders so the frames look neat both for healers and non-healers.
It supports players leaving, joining and moving between raid group while in combat.


Blizzard raid UI can become corrupted when the settings are changed mid combat. If blizzards UI becomes corrupted there is a chance it may affect this addon. Blizzard Raid Interface Antidote will fix this, but also disables any in combat changes.


This AddOn is language independent.
No known conflicts with other addons


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