Alt Anon (Instance Currency Tracker)


Alt Anon (Instance Currency Tracker)

Originally designed to track instance lockouts and currency information across all your characters and realms on multiple accounts, specifically for WOTLK. The addon has now expanded to include much more information such as gear, professions, cooldowns, hence Alt Anon. Also it provides a useful way to see missing enchants, gems, glyphs or ready cooldowns.

The addon uses IDs so should work in any language however labels are not localized.

Feel free to comment for additional features or suggestions.
Or visit my dev discord: https://discord.gg/yY6Q6EgNRu

Viewing Frame

You can view either via the mini icon or via the Looking For Group Frame (i by default) if available in the version of the game. This can be disabled in the options menu, and replaced with a minimap icon.
Otherwise /ict will bring up the window.

Multiple Accounts

You can link your account to share character data. Accounts must be BNet friends with each other. Click the cogwheel in the lower, then on both accounts select the other to link. This will enable cross character communication while both accounts are on the same realm and faction to share data. Blizzard doesn't allow addon's to communicate across realms or faction.

Information Collected

  • Character
    • Specs, Talents, Glyphs and Gear plus Durability
    • Shows missing Glyphs, Gems and Enchants
    • GearScore and iLvl if TacoTip addon is available
    • Professions
      • Clickable to bring up tradeskill frame.
    • Profession Cooldowns
      • Clickable to create the item if materials and location are met.
    • Level, XP, Rested XP, and Resting State
    • Guild and Guild Rank
    • Bags and Bank Bags
      • Shows Bags by type and individual Bags
      • Bank Bags requires you to view the bank
    • Gold
      • Shows Gold by realm
  • Instance
    • Encounters completed and available
    • Lockout per character
    • Currency completed and available for the instance
  • Currency
    • Total Instance Currency
    • Quest rewards Currency
    • Total Currency per character
  • Quests
    • Quest rewards
    • Quest completed per character
    • Prerequisites met per character
    • Quests are viewed by currency unless no currency associated.
  • Reputation
  • Professions
  • Runes
  • Weapon Skills


  • Show Realm Name
    Enables [Realm] Player versus Player for name fields.
  • Multi Player View
    Shows all players side by side versus a single player.
  • Group Message
    Enables messaging to your group collected currency, otherwise prints to your chat window only.
  • Characters
    Enable/Disable the characters to appear in the dropdown list and multi player view.
  • Character Info
    Enable/Disable line information about the character to appear under their name.
  • Gear Info Enable/Disable information for the gear tab.
  • Reset Timers
    Show the one day, three day, five day, or weekly reset timers.
    Note: three and five require you to complete a raid with those lockout as there's no API to access the data.
  • Instances
    Select the instances you wish to view, defaults to all WOTLK instances.
  • Difficulty
    The difficulty when queuing, normal, heroic, heroic+, heroic++, etc.
  • Quests
    • Hide unavailable Quests Do not show quests that a character has not met the prequisite.
    • Show Quests Shows the quest section.
    • Show Fishing Daily
      Shows the fishing daily quest, otherwise quests are controlled by currency.
  • Currency
    Select the currency you wish to view defaults to all currencies.
  • Cooldowns
    Select the cooldowns you wish to view, sorted by expansion.
  • Frame
    • Display
      Enable/Disable anchoring to the LFG frame and viewing the mini map icon.
    • Order Lock Last Orders locked instances and completed quests after available instances and quests.
    • Simple Currency Tooltip
      Shows only current and available currency per player, otherwise includes instances and quests collected.
  • Minimum Character Level Slider
    Controls the characters visible based on level.

Color Codes

Purple Locked Instances and Completed Dailies
White Available Instances and Dailies
Red Dailies where you don't meet the prerequisites

Slash Commands

# current player
/ict wipe
# specific player
/ict wipe player [{REALM_NAME}] {PLAYER_NAME}
# all players on realm
/ict wipe realm {REALM_NAME}
# all players
/ict wipe all # change font (recommended values 10-24)ß `/ict font