InFlight Taxi Timer

Last Updated: Nov 10, 2018 Game Version: 8.0.1


Jul 24, 2009

Owner: totalpackage

InFlight is a simple taxi flight timer mod that lets you know how long it will take to get to your destination. Other mods may provide a similar feature, however, InFlight is a lightweight alternative that, in most cases, is leaner, faster and uses a lot less memory (which is the main motivation behind InFlight).


  • Take-off confirmation
  • Many customization options for the look of the timer bar
  • Support for Druid-only, Plaguewood Tower, and other special flight paths (needs localization data for non enUS clients)
  • Already has most flight times
  • Learns new flight times or updates existing flight times when taxis are used
  • Flight times added to tooltip on flight map

How to Use:

  • InFlight is LoadOnDemand to use less memory when not needed
  • '/inflight', right-click on the timer bar, or check interface options to customize
  • Shift left-click and drag to move the timer bar

How to Contribute:

  • Updating flight times data - submit the file '<WoW_Folder>/_retail_/WTF/Account/<Account_Name>/SavedVariables/InFlight.lua' here
  • Updating detection of special flights (only repeatable ones): report the gossip text (text you click to start the flight) and the location text above your minimap

Features That Won't Be Implemented, So Don't Ask:

  • Saving flight costs data (Do you need to know if you have to walk instead?)
  • Detailed tooltips and connect-the-dots
  • Show known/unknown Flight Masters on map
  • I recommend Flight Map Enhanced & Times as a superior alternative (especially if you want any of the above)

Please go here to provide feedback.