The Hunter's Menagerie

32,142 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 8, 2020 Game Version: 8.3.0  

Update for 11/13/18 I lost interest in BFA and havent been playing the last month or two. If I get back into it for 8.1 I'll resume work on the addon. I apologize if I got your hopes up.



For now the pet map is intentionally hidden until I can get it in a working state. The functionality was broken with the 8.0 patch and I'm going to try to find some other way to get it working. I didn't write the original functionality so It'll take some time.


The Hunters Menagerie is an addon that assists in the tracking, taming and collecting of hunter pets. It provides ease of access to information that can help you along your journey to catch the coolest and most sought after pets, without needing to have a guide/resource like Wowhead or Petopia open at all times.


Features Included

  •  An added Hunter Pets tab to your collections tab




  • The ability to search through in game hunter pets to see where they spawn (map included) and view their 3d model in game, as well as the ability to filter by desired traits such as whether or not they have an ability such as slowfall.

  • A list of your stabled pets with 3d previews available for reference.Example of Stable Pets Browser


For those of you that are interested in donating You can do so: here:

The original project can be found: Here

Please report any bugs on this page or Here



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