HandyNotes Universal Explorer

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Apologies from all of you for the delay in updating the addons.
I don't have too much time since i have a little one.

 Requires  HandyNotes to be installed!

This HandyNotes plugin  will show you on the map the co-ordinations of every area you need to discover for the Universal Explorer achievement. 

Coordinates i gathered from Wowhead

Features and Toggling

You can go to addon config to toggle what you want to display or adjust the icon's size and alpha value.

You can also hide any specific node by right click on it on the worldmap.

Please comment any wrong co-ordinations and/or wrong map dots so I can change them to the right location.


Plese use the unique Criteria ID which is In the Tooltip.

To help that possible incorrect coordinates can be corrected quickly and accurately.