HandyNotes: Oribos

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This is a HandyNotes plugin to display the NPC and POI locations in Shadowlands
capital city Oribos, The Eternal City on the world map and minimap.

NOTE: If you liked this addon, you might want to check out my new addon for the Dragonflight's capital city Valdrakken


  • icon scale and alpha.
  • toggle visibility of
    • Auctioneer (Only for Engineers)
    • Bankers
    • Guild Vault
    • Innkeeper
    • Mailboxes
    • Portal*
    • Teleport Platforms*
    • Armor Enhancer
    • Stable Master
    • Profession Trainers
    • Transmogrifier
    • Vendors
    • Void Storage

*Not displayed if HandyNotes: TravelGuide is already active.


  • Support for Blizzard Waypoints.
  • Support for TomTom Waypoints.
  • Easy Waypoint (Set a waypoint by right-clicking a node and access to more options by CTRL + right-clicking)
  • Flightmaster Waypoint (Sets automatically a waypoint to the flightmaster if you enter the ring of transference (Blizzard, TomTom or Both))
  • Show only the Trainers and Vendors for my Profession. (Only the main professions and if you have two professions)
  • Show Profession icons instead of trainer or vendor icons
  • Quest check.
    • - (Quest requirement is unfulfilled)


If you wish to help localize this plugin, please go to Localization.

Issues and Suggestion

Please go to Issues to submit any issue found or any suggestion.