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ZamestoTV: Solo Gold Farm Dragonflight


HandyNotes plugin for the Dragonflight expansion. We display places where you can get gold or expensive BOE items for sale.

This addon will help “solo” players get gold in the game. Only the simplest methods that can easily be done “solo”.

This addon will help you get gold from level 60+. The more level 60+ characters you have, the more gold you can get per week.




4 places to get gold for characters level 60+.
8 places to get expensive BOE items for sale (from 40,000 to 500,000 gold)
6 expensive treasures (Treasure for 2000 gold to sell to a merchant and a free bag with 34 slots)

There are only 18 places to get gold or BOE items (The list is updated with each update)



Designations on the map:

- Portal

- Rare monster

- Dungeon Boss

- Treasure

- Place to get gold (quests, rare monsters, event)

- Cave entrance



Portal to The Forbidden Reach
Portal to location The Primalist Future

Automatic acceptance and completion of quests:

Community Feast and Many Corruptor's Scourgestones.


Skip dialogue:

Katy Stampwhistle, Gurgthock, Enaru Silverbark, Myrrit, Pipsee and Mr. Sunflower.

Fyrakk Assaults:
Automatic activation of "Suffusion Mold" and "Suffusion Crucible"
Automatic opening of "Secured Shipment"


Sniffen Around:

Places a tag on the desired NPC (Webbed "Guest")
Automatically launches Sniffen Around
Automatically lights the desired braziers.
Selects the correct statue and automatically activates it.


In the menu you can show/hide the “to-do list” and “timer”.
A button has been added to the mini-map with which you can enter the addon settings menu.


To-do list:

Shows whether you have completed the Community Feast and Trial of the Elements events with your current character. (Hide/show with command "/zam mt")


Timer for the start of the "Trial of the Elements" event (the timer can be hidden with the "/zam hd" command) - Timer now supports Europe and America region.



Gives hints during Sniffen Around

Opening chests:

It is now possible to enable automatic opening of chests with gold for races and Sniffen Around. Team /zagold

Dreamsurge Magpies (х2 gold):

When receiving the "Dreamsurge Magpies" buff, a hint and sound signal now appears in the chat.


Available languages Russian and English


Development plan:
Add more points where you can get gold.