Account Wide Interface Option Settings


This addon aims to help keep your Base UI consistent across all of your characters on your account by saving and loading variables that are normally character specific.

It allows you to automatically apply the following to all characters on your account:

  • Chosen Edit Mode Layout
  • Visible Action Bars
  • Nameplate Settings
  • Party/Raid Frame Settings
  • Arena Frame Settings
  • Block Guild/Trade/Channel Invite Settings
  • Spell Overlay Settings
  • Auto Loot Settings
  • Block General/LocalDefense/Trade/Services Chat Channels


NOTE: After installation/upgrade, you should log into the character that you have customised the UI the most, so that the settings from that character are saved and will propagate Account Wide!

Your chosen Edit Mode Layout is saved as the Account Wide Layout automatically after exiting Edit Mode (unless you have disabled it for your spec).

You can configure the addon by typing /accwideinterface into chat.