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Originally developed by Harros

GuildBankSearch adds a filter to your guild bank window to easily find things in cluttered tabs.  It searches both the items in your bank and the log text quickly and intuitively.


Filter Window

The <kbd>“Filter”</kbd> button at the top right of the guild bank window opens GuildBankSearch's filter pullout.  The pullout allows you to sort by many item properties, similar to the auction house:

  • Item name, either partial or full.
  • Tooltip text below the item's name, partial or full.
  • Quality, such as poor, uncommon, and rare.
  • Item level, or “iLevel”: The internal stat budget for items.  Not to be confused with player level.
  • Required level allows you to search for gear available to a given level range.  If the upper or lower boundary fields are left blank, those boundaries won't be enforced in the search.  That is, with a lower boundary of 35 and no upper boundary, any item usable by level 35s and above will match the search.
  • The “Item Category” section allows searching item classifications in the same way as the auction house.
    • Type divides items into the broadest categories, such as weapons, armor, and consumables.
    • Sub-Type classifies items in a given Type even further.  The various weapon types such as swords and staves are sub-types of the weapons type, for example.
    • The Slot field allows searching for specific gear slots such as rings or main hands.

Text boxes such as item name will not affect search results if left blank, and dropdowns such as item quality each have an <kbd>“(All)”</kbd> option.  To quickly remove all search criteria, click the <kbd>“Clear”</kbd> button near the top of the filter pane.


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