Guidelime_Freezy3's Classic WoW Horde Leveling Guide

38,833 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 10, 2019 Game Version: 1.13.2

Firstly this guide was created, routed and prepared initially by CauthonLuck.
You can find his twitch at and


One thing to note is at 14 and onward the routing for class training becomes a lot less accurate as people and specs level at difference paces and things change. So best practice is to find good times to go train class skills and professions.

This guide also skips all dungeon quests but by all means feel free to go around, pick up dungeon quests and run them. In the end it's all about having the most amount of fun possible.


This guide was very much rushed and made in 4-5 days so hopefully there aren't too many mistakes. Feel free to let me know if there are any mistakes and I'll do my best to fix them when I can.


To Install: 

1) Download and Install Guidelime just like you would any other addon

2) Download and Install this Guide or any other Guidelime Guides also just like you would any other addon

3) ???

4) Profit!


Current Routing:

  1-12 ~ Tauren Starter ~ Mulgore to Thunder Bluff to Mulgore

Big thanks to InsaneKane and Bustea for permission to use the ported guide.


    1-6 ~ Orc/Troll Starter ~ Durotar

  6-12 ~ Durotar to Orgrimmar to Durotar

Big thanks to Ettern for his permission to use his Orc/Troll starter guide

    1-6 ~ Undead Starter ~ Deathknell to Brill

  6-12 ~ Brill to Sepulcher

12-14 ~ Sepulcher to Crossroads

14-18 ~ Crossroads to CampT

18-23 ~ CampT to Sunrock Retreat

23-26 ~ CampT to Thunderbluff to Hillsbrad to Thousand Needles

26-30 ~ Thousand Needles to Ashenvale to Thunder Bluff to Orgrimmar

30-34 ~ Orgrimmar to STV to Hillsbrad to Desolace to Thousand Needles

34-37 ~ ShimmeringFlats to STV to Tanaris to DustwallowMarsh

37-39 ~ DustwallowMarsh to STV to Swamp of Sorrows to STV

39-41 ~ STV to ShimmeringFlats to Feralas to Desolace to Alterac to Arathi to Badlands

41-44 ~ Badlands to Swamp of Sorrows to STV to Tanaris to Feralas


Things to do:

44-60 - Probably won't come till after launch. Sorry guys! 


Also feel free to check out any of the other guide creators by searching "Guidelime_" on Curseforge to see more amazing guides.


Huge thanks to Borick for creating such an amazing platform.

Thanks to The Unprofessional Gamer for his spreadsheet contributions, and Ouiwee for his additions as well.

Another massive thanks to Aceofluck for creating a QuestID tool to find QuestIDs from Questnames, and Hjalmar who helped with polishing off my guides. Big thanks to you buddy.


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