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A status module for Grid, used to be GridStatusBanzai.

There are 3 statuses:

  1. "Enemy target" : The instant target of the hostile mobs or players. This status can track some temporary non-aggro target change.
  2. "Enemy incoming spell" : The current one spell mobs casting on raid members. If assigned to icon indicator, it can show spell icon and remaining time.
  3. "Target Raid Icon" : The raid icon of each raid members target. (Same as one of GridStatusRaidIcons's statuses)

The former GridStatusBanzai Description

This mod recalls the "Target of Hostile Units" status in Grid before wow 3.0, which was replaced by Aggro Status using Blizzard threat APIs.

The threat APIs were introduced since WoW 3.0. They are more effecient and don't depend on third-party Libs. But the shortage is that it has a noticeable delay and can't indicate a temporary target change, for example, many bosses have some skills casting to a random non-aggro raid member.

I modified the Lib-Banzai to support GUID, and combined it with the former GridStatusAggro.lua, to make it a separated module.