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10.0.2 Notification

Blizzard seems know the actionbar-locking cause well, they seperate a ActionBarController_UpdateAllSpellHighlights() from ActionBarController_UpdateAll() in 10.0.2. There are still many taints, but it's less likely that action bars keystrokes be locked as before. This addon is still useful, but not a must. I will just leave it here.

About the warnings

To make it clear, when the warning shows up, your action bars have already been blocked, but have been recovered by !!NoTaint2. Altough you can play as well, the problem may continue spreading more deeply, to a situation that this addon can't fix, so a UI reloading is always recommended when you see the warning. But after these days gameplay, with this addon, I myself almost never need to do a single reload. With the r221114 version, you can use /notaint2 to make it work quietly. Remember, if your action bars can't be recovered and you have to reload UI, it's not that !!NoTaint2 isn't working.

notaint2 warning


There has always been "taint" issue of the Blizzard's stock UI. But It is even worse in Dragon Flight, because Blizzard's new Edit Mode combines all the interface subsystems together. Any taint somewhere can be soon spreaded to other UI components. The result is something like that you can't save Edit Mode layout, or you can't use action buttons by pressing keyboard, and error dialogs keep poping up.

The solution by far

Every addon author should be more careful, but IMO it's impossible to eliminate all the taints. Blizzard can use securecall to seperate the subsystems, but I don't know why they don't, maybe performance issue.

Because I'm using a big addon-bundle, many are lack of maintaince. I decided to try to find a top-down solution. At first, I took some of my old [!NoTaint] addon codes and hoped they can reduce the taints. Then after hours of analysis and test, I found a few new taint paths and added handle codes. And finally it occurred to me, why just try to prevent the taints, instead of fixing them? It is lucky that the main problem (action bar blocking) is quite straight-forward: only action buttons 'action' property is tainted. And it is more lucky that we can trigger a AttributeChanged event to reset it.

So this is warbaby's !!NoTaint2, hope it makes your Dragon Flight a little safer :) And hope Blizzard can make an official solution.

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