Great Vault

157,411 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 16, 2022 Game Version: 9.2.7  

A simple addon that adds a Minimap button to open and close the Great Vault from Oribos. This allows you to check it's progress from anywhere instead of having to run back to it.

Supports Titan Panel and toggling the minimap icon can be done through:

/greatvault minimap

If you don't desire to install this addon you are able to create a macro using the following script:

/run LoadAddOn("Blizzard_WeeklyRewards"); WeeklyRewardsFrame:Show()

You must collect the previous week's Great Vault in order to track the current week progression, otherwise it will show a red X next to it until you collect it.

This addon is heavily based on other Ace3 addons and credit goes to the developers of Ace3 and others for the library they developed that is used by countless addons.


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