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Gold Coffer

Track WoW gold and other currencies across your account.


What it Does:

As you log into your characters this addon saves the gold they poses. When you gain or loose gold the total will be updated. 

You can mouse over the minimap button to get some totals and help information.


The following reports are accesses through a drop list box.

  • Gold Report *New* Guild banks and gold/hour added

Details about your current character and their realm, Total gold on your account and a realm by realm breakdown showing realm gold and guild bank totals. 

  • Gold Summary

Totals and history for realms, characters and guilds selected through drop lists. 

  • Daily History

Lists the last 50 days you were in game in 3 columns listing the date, your total gold and the change over the previous day. 

  • Weekly History

Lists the last 50 Weeks you were in game in 3 columns listing the date, your total gold and the change over the previous day. The week begins on the weekly reset date (I think this is correct for any region). 

  • Yearly History

Lists the last few years (if you had this addon recording the data) again like above listing date, gold and gain/loss. 

  • Currencies (currently only in live)

The left side lists the currencies, subdivided and grouped like they are on the currency tab in game. Clicking on a currency will give you a list on the right side of all characters with that currency and the amount they have.  

  • Delete Character or Guild   *NEW*

Select a character or guild and delete their data. Has no effect on your actual character of guild only the data collected by this addon.   

  • Export data   *NEW*

Export your data to a CSV (comma separated values) 

Tracking can only be done on a single account. If you have more than one account there isn't an easy way to combine the data.

Now you can export multiple accounts to csv then combine them in a spreadsheet.



/goldcoffer or /gc

Opens the report window.


/gc mm or /gc button

Shows of hides the minimap button.


/gc c or /gc center or /gc centre

Center the report window.


/gc t

Print your total gold.


/gc s

Print the total gold on your current server.



/gc delete server toon

Deletes a toons data(not the toon). Useful if you name change, move servers ,a faction change or do anything else that makes a toon show up twice.

This can be undone by simply logging into the deleted toon.


/gc ?

Print command line help. This will also be shown if you type any parameter that is unknown.


Minimap Button:

Left Click

No modifier

Open the report Window 

SHIFT key down

Hide this button 

Right Click

Center Window

When mouse over icon

    • Help. Shows the above commands.
    • The gold currently owned by this character.
    • Profit/Loss today.
    • Profit/Loss Since yesterday.
    • Profit/Loss This week.
    • Total gold owned combining all servers
  • The daily and weekly resets are the same time as the in game resets.