Auction Watch

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Auction Watch

If you are manually downloading and unzipping this addon delete the existing AuctionWatch folder before installing. Alternatively you could just delete any file with .toc file that has an underscore(_) in the name.


Helps you manage your auctions letting you know that a set amount of time has passed since your last visit to the auction house.


What is Does:

This is a small and fast addon that saves the name and realm of a character as well as the number of auctions they have listed and the time the auction house was last closed. Each time you log into a toon you get a report about your auctions. At minimum a single line in chat letting you know if you have auctions requiring your attention. There are also options on the settings screen to show a list of toons with auctions in chat or a frame and if only old auctions are shown.


Because this addon is intended to be fast and small it will not remember each auction or its timing but rather to remind you that you posted an auction on an alt so you don't forget and lose it in the mail.



Interface->Add-Ons->Auction Watch opens the options page From here you select where the report is shown and how it is formatted



/aw or /auctionwatch to open the report in a frame that you can position where you would like on your screen. 

The report lists the number of auctions, the Character - Realm name and the amount of time that has passed since the last time you opened the auction house on that character.