Please use LS: Glass

This project is the original Glass addon by me. I no longer play the game so this project has been abandoned.

i_lightspark has been kind enough to keep the spirit of Glass alive by releasing their own version. Please use that instead.

Original description follows


An immersive and minimalistic chat UI for World of Warcraft


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I wanted to have a chat UI that didn't look like it was designed in 2004.

I tried several addons that customize the chat interface but was left unsatisfied. So I decided to make one myself.

The goal of Glass is to be unobtrusive. Messages only appear when they come in and fades out after a few seconds. Chat tabs are hidden until the player hovers over the chat UI. There is no always-visible background. Glass is invisible until the player needs it.


Glass is available on CurseForge

You may also download the latest release on GitHub


  • /glass - open the settings window
  • /glass lock - unlock the chat frame


Not everyone likes the same look. Glass tries to accommodate your own preferences by giving you options to change the:

  • Chat frame width, height, and location
  • Font and font size
  • Message fade out delay
  • Background opacity

Moreover, unlike the default chat UI, these settings may be shared between characters.

Addon compatibility


Glass works with ElvUI, but make sure to disable the Chat module.

Prat 3.0

Glass works with Prat, but make sure to disable the EditBox module.

Prat Timestamps work with Glass but with a caveat. Prat allows you to select which tabs to enable timestamps on. This is currently not supported and Timestamps will be enabled on all tabs if the Prat Timestamps module is loaded. If you want to disable Prat Timestamps, you'll need to set the module to "Don't load" (just "Disabled" won't work).

Note: WoW's built-in timestamps work with Glass. (Interface -> Social -> Timestamps)

Leatrix Plus

Glass works with Leatrix Plus. You might encounter issues when enabling features that modify chat behaviour such as "Recent chat window" or "Use easy resizing". Switching these features off will resolve issues with Glass.

Issues and suggestions

Check the Issue tracker on GitHub to see if someone else has already reported your issue. If not, leave a comment on CurseForge.


MIT License

Copyright (c) 2020 Mitchel Cabuloy