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LS: Glass


Replacement for the default chat. Smooth as glass!



Use /LSGLASS or /LSG to open the in-game config.

Feedback and Feature Requests

If you found a bug or want to share an idea on how to improve my addon, either use the issue tracker on GitHub or join our Discord server.


Feel free to add and/or review translations on Curse, alternatively, you may create a PR on project's GitHub page.


Q: How is this addon related to Glass by mixxorz?
A: Originally, the goal was to take over that addon and maintain it. However, after reviewing the original code to figure out what I needed to do to update it for the Dragonflight expansion I decided to start from scratch. But it's fair to say that the addon is inspired by Glass, hence its name.

Q: How do I move and/or resize the chat frame?
A: Use "Edit Mode". There's a tiny triangle in the bottom right corner of the "Chat Frame" mover that's used for resizing. Hopefully, Blizz will change it to something more noticeable in the future.

Q: Does this addon support Classic WotLK?
A: No? Maybe? Idk. I only play retail WoW, so I'm not familiar with what's going on in other versions code-wise. I have no plans to support an addon for the version of the game I don't even play.

Q: I used Addons CPU Usage and saw big numbers? What's going on?
A: Simply put, WoW chat is insanely inefficient and slow. Without going into technicalities, simply scrolling through the chat history is more CPU intensive than, let's say, idling of an entire addon like ElvUI, and that beast does a lot. Other chat addons get smaller numbers because they don't replace the chat output, everything is still displayed via the default scrolling frame, however, LS: Glass replaces that. That's why all the CPU time spent on scrolling is attributed to it instead of being hidden from your eyes. That said, I do disable all of that on the default chat frames, so you don't get hit by the double whammy.


Please see LICENSE file.