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Gladiator Voice Alerter was designed to be the successor of the well known GladiatorlosSA.

Slash command

Type /gva or /gladiatorvoicealerter to see options.
Usage: /gva <options>
- on : Enable GVA"
- off : Disable GVA"
- minimap : Show/Hide minimap icon"
- resetpos : Reset the main frame position(Reload the UI)

What it can do :

  • alert for the most spells known (atm too many)
  • some options activated : on/off - focus/target - Output - GenderDetect - area select - Mass selection ( need work on diff profile later )
  • offer a complete spell name and a smaller one ( when you click on a spell you will see 3 kinds of icons including a "S" meaning its shortened)

Voice Pack

English : EnUS Julie HP That's the traditional Julie Voice with a High Pass filter, usefull in some cases ( personally, i love it )

한국의(Korean) : koKR Yumi


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