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( looks Much better here : http://wow.curseforge.com/addons/floody-dump/pages/main/ )


This add-on filters the report of fight (COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED) and allows you to show what interests you in diverse options of filtering. ( like the in-game Combat log, but with ID and much more event filtering )

It is an add-on intended for warned users.

And as i scatter ( newbee ftw!:) ), i added an option to control irritating error messages who appear in the middle of the screen, with slightly too exhaustive, but effective options.

It is an add-on in constant development, and as i share it to you, do not hesitate to share with me your remarks / ideas / comments


For this example, i've created a mage with the name "Youkoulele" and i cast a "Polymorph" on a frog nammed "Yellow-Bellied Bullfrog"

S:Youkoulele D:0 SPELL_CAST_START [Polymorph] 118
... seconds later
S:Youkoulele D:Yellow-Bellied Bullfrog SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS [Polymorph] 118
S:Youkoulele D:Yellow-Bellied Bullfrog SPELL_AURA_APPLIED [Polymorph] 118

S: is the Source
D: is the Destination
SPELL_CAST_START is the Event (should be SC_Start if the Event Small is selected)
[Polymorph] is the Spell
118 is the ID of the spell

Button Explanation


  • 1 - [ Icon ] - Hide/Show Icon. This options was set to avoid errors with some spells but it's fixed. Maybe this options will disappear.
  • 2 - [ Event/Small/Large ] - Reduce or extend the Event name.
  • 3 - [ Me ] - Hide spells whose Source is my name.
  • 4 - [ Focus/ALL/FROM ] - Focus and Target options can Not actually be activated at the same time.
    • ALL - Shows All spells whose Source or Destination is the actual Focus.
    • FROM - Shows only spells whose Source is the actual Focus.
  • 5 - [ Target/ALL/FROM ] - Focus and Target options can Not actually be activated at the same time.
    • ALL - Shows All spells whose Source or Destination is the actual Target.
    • FROM - Shows only spells whose Source is the actual Target.
  • 6 - [ Hostile ] - Shows only spells whose Source is hostile.
  • 7 - "Output Selection" - Select output for the dump. Using this button will automatically enable the EnableOutput in optons menu.
  • 8 - "Open menu" - Open AceMenu. To open the Bliz menu type "/fd menub".
  • 9 - "Hide/Show Button" - Simply Hide/Show buttons frame. will change in a future update.
  • 10 - "Enable/Disable FD" - Enable/Disable the filters and the dump.
  • 11 - "Sizer button" - Resize the FD Frame. (min: 420, 200, max: 1280, 600)
  • 12 - "Scroll button" - Scroll up/down. Max line is setted to 250.
  • 13 - "Close button" - Close the FD Frame.

Slash Command

"/fd" or "/floodydump"

Usage: /fd <option>

'/fd help' or '/fd ?' or '/fd' : show command lines options
'/fd on' : Enable FD
'/fd off' : Disable FD
'/fd toggle' : Show/Hide FD Frame
'/fd lock' : Lock FD Frame
'/fd unlock' : Unlock FD Frame
'/fd menu' : Show menu (Ace)
'/fd menub' : Show menu (Blizz)


Automatically Add spell in the Custom Spell Alert

( Under Construction ! )
With a Right click on a spell in the FD Frame you can add automatically the spell in the Custom Spell Alert but Still have to be configured after.
At this time, when you add a spell i just check if it's an instant spell or not then confugure the SPELL_CAST_START and SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS.
I have to work more to configure automatically all spells ( like Spell Aura applied, and so on... )
To avoid having 2 same names, i add the time of the serveur at the end of the spell.

So after added a spell you still have to complete the configuration ( change name, change sound, etc. )

Hide ennuying errors

You can hide many errors and choose a différent output frame. More explanation later


A feature is in confict with another add-on, how can i do?
  • Simply desactivate and reactivate the option until i find another solution ( like for the errors filter )


  • Like all new addons, there will always be something to do, but what next?


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