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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

PlayerScore Overview
PlayerScore is the next evolution of GearScore® and aims at providing a utility infinitely more useful then just the score of a player's equipment. PlayerScore provides raid leaders with a wealth of instant knowledge such as

  • Complete Raiding History - Allows you to view an easy to read breakdown of a player's raiding history including every boss kill and current top-tier raiding progression.
  • Equipment Layout - Well designed layout allows you to manually check a player's gear quickly and easily. Advanced item tooltips make spotting bad items even easier with flags for enchantments, gems, and reforging.
  • Primary Stats - Shows you a break down of the stats a player is gearing for. This provides a great way for raid leaders to make sure player's aren't stacking spell pen, or have 200% hit rating, or DKs gearing for Agility.
  • Talent Spec - View a player's current build. You can also flag talents as bad for a specific spec and have PlayerScore notify you in the future when a player is using those talents.
  • Automatic Character Auditing - PlayerScore will display a list of flags for when players have missing or bad gems & enchantments; bad talent specs; missing equipment; wearing equipment for another spec or class; using pvp items; or riding TRH.
  • Player Ratings - PlayerScore uses our online servers and custom anti-abuse technology to allow players to rate eachother on a thumbs up or down basis. This allows you to easily spot players who don't get along well with others or just plain suck.

PlayerScore also provides a set of very extensive options. Almost every single feature can be disabled to save memory or increase performance. You can also disable features to save space and only provide the information you care about most. You can also run the addon in "Lite Mode" which will disable the entire GUI showing only information on player tooltips.

Additional Resources

  • PlayerScore Website - Check your GearScore®, view your ratings & comments, or measure up on the global scoreboards at the official website,
  • Bug Reporting - Please Report all bugs and issues through the official Bug Submission Form.
  • PlayerScore Forums - Make suggestions & comments, or ask questions on the official PlayerScore Forums
  • PlayerScore Blog - Get the latest news and upcomming features from the addon by reading the PlayerScore Blog.
  • Twitter - You can also submit comments, ideas, suggestions, or bug reports to me on Twitter and get super fast response! @Arxkanite.

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