Gallywix's Azerite Ledger

16,207 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 24, 2019 Game Version: 8.2.0

Plugin for any LibDataBroker Broker Display to show Azerite earned, with breakdowns for Session/Day/Week/Last Week/All Time. Daily/weekly breakdowns are not yet implemented but should be by the time BfA launches. The example image below is based on simulated data.


tooltip example


Also planned for the future is a breakdown of sources of AP gains - currently it's collected on a per-zone basis, but not displayed at this time. I hope to have other source breakdowns such as quests but am having a difficult time getting this data recorded.


Left click to toggle Azerite Item Level, right click to toggle last AP gain value. Shift-click for options.


Tested with ChocolateBar Broker Display and Bazooka but other LDB displays should work as well.






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