2,492 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 1, 2020 Game Version: 9.0.1  

This is a simple mod I wrote to alert me when specific people come online from your realid/battletag contacts list. it simply plays a sound for anyone you add to a built in watch list.

How to Use:

Simply do "/friendsalert help" to get a list of commands to get started. From here you get commands for finding friends battletags, and adding/removing them from watch list.


Do to way realid friend names are encoded, it's not possible to use name matching. Because of this, the watch list only works if you add battletags to it. Do not fret though, as ALL realid friends work with battletag watches do to fact all realid friends are also battletag friends (but not al battletag friends are realid friends). This mod has a built in function to automatically find battletags for any realid friends for easily adding them to watch list.


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