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Have lots of friends and find them hard to manage? This addon allows you to sort your friend list into collapsible groups

  • friend right click option to create a new group or to move or existing group or remove from group
  • expand and collapse groups by clicking the group title
  • group right click options to invite all group member
  • group right click options to rename or remove the group
  • group right click to hide offline contacts or character name color


  • Original author : frankkkkk
  • 6.2 Fixes : ClassZ - Github
  • 7.1 Fixes : Mikeprod - Github
  • 8.2 Fixes : y368413
  • 8.2.5 Fixes : Mudohir - Github
  • 8.3 New Features : Hayato2846
  • 9.0.5 New Feature - Searchbar: Hayato2846


  • The addon does not work properly with the last patch

Check the other channel of release there might be a fix incoming in the nearâ„¢ future

  • How do I check the other channel of release ?

You can download an alpha release that might work

  • Got an Error or want to report an Issue?

  • Want to contact me? (DE & EN)

Discord: Thainii#3083


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