Frame Inspect


Inspect frame and edit properties at run time.

When you inspect a frame you can modify its properties and see the result in realm time.

Proprieties can be edited while inspecting the frame and the changes are applied immediately.


What this addon do?

It allows the player or addon developer to inspect a frame and edit its proprieties at run time.


Why Should I use this addon?

You may use this addon in case you need to inspect a frame and edit properties at run time.

Editing a frame at run time makes it to apply changes immediately without the need to /reload and this is a good thing.


What this addon is not for?

This addon is not for permanently changes in the frames, it doesn't save changes, it is just to debug for development.


How do I use this addon?

While ingame, use the slash command /Fi, when hover over a frame to see its properties, press F4 to lock on it, F4 again to release the frame.