4,000 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 24, 2019 Game Version: 1.13.3

Flexi allows item and spell links to be shared in all chat channels (including General and LocalDef) between flexi users.


Flexi works by sending a code which contains a spell or item reference.


Simply write a message into chat with a "$" before any $[Spell or Item Shift-clicked].


Posting an item link to Flexi users.


Posting a spell link to Flexi users.


Chat Usage:

 Enter a regular message into chat with a "$" before a $[Spell or Item Shift-Clicked].

Console Usage:

 /flexi {chat channel number} {message containing a [Spell or Item Shift-Clicked]}

 /flexi {"say", "guild", "party", "raid", etc} {message containing a [Spell or Item Shift-Clicked]}



All Flexi users will see a clickable link on another line, with spell rank, or all enchants and slotted gems, suffixes, crafting information:

 [flexi]: [Power Word: Shield (Rank 5)]
 [flexi]: [Linen Bag]


What are all these crazy letters in the FLEXI#codes?
The numbers which make-up the elements of an item link are compressed into base_64 numbers (representing a specific letter of the character-set we can send in chat).

Is it safe?
Yes. Programming code cannot be sent via Flexi, only numbers, which if incorrect (due to intentional tampering), will print no link, or maybe the wrong item. When Flexi decodes a flexi#code in chat, it does so in a protected manner, so that other players cannot be a nuisance. Also, flexi will not allow itself to use the chat if it encounters any errors--immediately defaulting to the regular World of Warcraft chat.



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