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NOTE: Improvement to AudioQs are on hold for necessary updates. I've written about 6000 lines of code in 3 weeks on another (non-WoW) project I hope to get to release in the next month. If you have any questions or requests I'll respond to you as soon as I can. All the best ladettes.


An audio-prompt rules writer.


Intended mainly to be useful for visually impaired players.


Allows for writing of rules to play audio prompts in-order and based on conditionals set for each sound file. Being developed under the guidance of and pertaining to the needs of


The following chat command will load an extension into the currently used specification of your character: 
  "/aq load extensionname"


Current Extensions are:

- "healthmonitor" - Health Monitor for Raid, Party, World and PvP. (player = '1' in party, party1 = '2', otherwise pertaining to 'raidX' raid number)

- "manamonitor" - Alerts users when their mana rises or drops below 50%, 20% and 10% mana.

- "crowdcontrol" - Alerts when you are "stunned" "disoriented" "silenced" or for example "nature locked".

- "beastmastery" - Beast Mastery Frenzy and Barbed Shot charge tracker.

- "restorationdruid" - Cooldown tracking for Restoration Druid.

- "restorationshaman" - Cooldown tracking for Restoration Shaman.

- "holypaladin" - Cooldown tracking for Holy Paladin.

- "holypriest" - Cooldown tracking for Holy Priest

- "mistweaver" - Most coolddowns tracked for Mistweaver monk.

- "classicpriest" - WoW Classic priest cooldown tracking, includes racials.

- "classicpaladin" - WoW Classic paladin cooldown tracking.

- "classicdruid" - WoW Classic druid cooldown tracking.

- "extras" - Just [Gladiator Medallion] cooldown for now.

- "gps" - Informs player if they leave a spirit healer resurrection zone while ghost. Press Alt+Ctrl+Shift+C to hear the direction you are facing (outside of PvP instances)

- "killingblow" - Plays a sound when you deal a killing blow to another player. Uses refreshing the combat log chat window for full-accuracy (but you probably don't play with that open).


Extensions are per specialization--The commands to load extensions need to be typed in chat once for each spec you will be using them on.


"/aq remove extensionname" to uninstall for the current specialization.


"/aq hush" or "/aq stop" will squelch the prompts.

"/aq go" or "/aq start" will turn the prompts back on.


Please contact me if you need help with setup, or want to request extensions for yourself or a blind player that you know.


 --  Shoutout to Slyckety and others for voluntary testing!! Often can't do this without the help.


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