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This addon makes the wow icon on windows task bar flash/blink (like the picture below) when WoW window ins't in focus (the window is minimized or you have another window in focus such like internet browser) and some events happen in the game.

If you like this addon, don't forget to click on the Like Button at top right corner, right over there ^, if you like enough to make a donation, there is a button on the right side as well, there >>>, but remember the best way to support this addon is using it and telling your friends about it, a lot of people might be needing it but doesn't know it exists.


Queued for (when the ready to enter window pops up):
- Arena
- Battleground
- Raid Finder
- Dungeon
- Premade Groups
- Pet Battles
- World PvP (Ashran)
- Brawler's Guild

During your raid, an alert will trigger on:
- Ready Check
- DBM Pull
- Warlock's Summon
- Group Invite

General events:
- Rare Npc Respaw
- Trade Window Opened
- Fly Point ended
- Pet and PvP battles invite request.
- Track specific phrases on chat
- Track specific targets on combat log
- When your character enters in combat
- When you got disconnected from the game.
- While crafting and your backpack run out of free space.

Note: not all of these alerts are enabled by default, you may config them through Game Menu (Esc) -> Interface -> Addons Tab -> FlashTaskbarhttp://i.imgur.com/AO7ySCM.png

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