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An extension of the classic



    /run SetRaidTarget("target", n)


macro, but with several improvements.


No longer requires you to edit a macro every time you want to switch which target to search for, avoids giving a target marker to mobs that are dead or have been tapped by another player, and will automatically remove the target marker when the mob dies.  Includes an interface options panel for configuring your preferred target marker.



To use the addon:


        1.  Create a macro with the following line


        /click FindAButton


        2.  Place the macro on your action bar

        3.  Set the target you wish to search for by typing the following command in chat


        /fa targetname   ( /fa squirrel  for example )


        4.  Press the macro on your action bar to run the search

        5.  To switch the target you want to search for, just repeat step 3




Example usage:



  • Place the    /click FindAButton    macro on action bar button 9
  • Pick up a quest that requires killing a particular mob (The Bloodsail Buccaneers  for example)
  • On the way to the mob's spawn area, type    /fa bloodsail swashbuckler    in chat
  • Spam the 9 key when near the mob's spawn area




Useful tips:


  • With no target selected, enter  /fa  in chat to open the interface options
  • With any target selected, enter  /fa  in chat to set your current target as the search target
  • The name used in the  /fa targetname  command can be either a partial name or complete name


        /fa squ

        /fa squirrel


  • Add a  /cast  line to the  /click FindAButton  macro to automatically tag the mobs found by the addon


        /click FindAButton

        /cast  Moonfire(Rank 1)




  • The addon will not mark a mob if it is dead or tapped by another player, but it will still target them.  This is normal behavior.
  • Despite this, the addon will always prioritize finding mobs who are both alive and not tapped.  Targeting a mob that does not fit this criteria simply means that there exists no target that does meet this criteria in the immediate area around your character.
  • I intend to address this in the next update, and provide the user with an option in the interface options to simply target nothing at all if an appropriate mob cannot be found.