Basic Calculator


An in-game calculator with all the standard operations.

Can be operated via the buttons or via numpad input.


Type   /calc   to open,   /calc help   for a list of commands.



Supported operations:

     -  addition

     -  subtraction

     -  multiplication

     -  division

     -  exponentiation

     -  square root

     -  natural logarithm

     -  sine, arcsine

     -  cosine, arccosine

     -  tangent, arctangent


No support for cube root, or any n-th root other than square root. For cube root do  ( x^0.333 ), or for any n-th root use  ( x^(1/n) ).



This is a WIP.  The GUI is kinda ugly but I am working on it. Bugs are unlikely but possible.