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Filename FasterLoot
Uploaded by FoobarZA
Uploaded Jul 15, 2017
Game Version 7.2.5  
Size 1.06 KB
Downloads 73
MD5 cb68d51c9a818eb22513c85ee67eead6
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  • Fixed a bug that caused a memory leak and FasterLoot to indefinitely allocate run-time memory.


  • Decreased the delay time between loot attempts.
    This will overall increase the speed at which you collect items.
  • Added a check to stop looting after it has not been able to loot the container or corpse after several attempts.
    This will stop the "hanging" effect that was caused with quest items that would have put you over the required amount that stays in the container or corpse.
  • Added specific checks to not process loot in containers while certain actions are performed.
    • While using TSM Destroying it will loot regularly instead of using FasterLoot.
    • While using Easy Obliterate it will loot regularly instead of using FasterLoot.


  • Initial Release