Farm Buddy

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Farm Buddy

An World of Warcraft AddOn that adds the functionality to Track multiple farmed items. An notification will appear if the defined goal quantity for an item has reached.



Alt + left click on an Item in your Bags or Bank to start tracking.
You can also enter the name of the desired Item in the AddOn settings.



  • Track farmed items
  • Track inventory or inventory and bank quantity
  • Define an optional quantity for the farmed item
  • Show an bonus to your defined goal if you get more than 100% progress
  • Shows a notification if the item quantity has reached
  • Select an optional sound for the notification
  • Customize notification effects
  • Localized (English and German)
  • Show a progress bar or text
  • Define an shortcut for fast tracking (Default: ALT + left click)


Please note: Through the limitation of the API functions it is currently only possible to track known items by name. That means the items have to be in your data cache (Inventory or Bank)
If possible please use the item ID or the item link.


Chat Commands

  • /fbs track < Item ID | Item Name | Item Link > (< Quantity >) - Sets the tracked item.
  • /fbs quantity Item ID | Item Name | Item Link < Quantity > - Sets the goal quantity.
  • /fbs reset < all | items > - Resets Farm Buddy to it's default settings.
  • /fbs settings - Open up the AddOn settings page.
  • /fbs version - Show the current used Farm Buddy Version.
  • /fbs help - Shows the available chat commands.



If you want to help to translate this AddOn please use the curseforge localization page.


Bug Reports and Feature Requests

Please use the curseforge ticketing systems to submit bug reports and feature requests.



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