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Faction Addict is a stand-alone addon that provides additional faction information to your characters working towards faction based achievements. Intended for those players who work on gaining exalted with many factions but also helpful to those that do not. There are in game achievements for being exalted with 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, and 60 factions respectively.

Faction Addict also provides a reputation logging system that allows the player to see what reputation gains they have made in the current and previous sessions.

Use slash commands /fa or /factionaddict or click the new button on the upper right corner of your characters reputation panel to open and/or close the addon window.

Usage: (slash commands)

  • /fa
  • /factionaddict
  • *click button* on upper right corner of character's reputation page


  • Factions - Shows all factions - including those not "known" by your character. 
  • Friends - Shows all friends. These generally do not count towards total exalted achievements.
  • Log - Reputation gain logging - shows reputation gains your characters has made in the current and previous sessions.
  • Faction info panel - click on a faction in the addon to see more specific info.
  • Exalted Count - Shows count of exalted factions and how many required for next achievement.
  • Exalted Achievements Tooltip - Show which character earned which achievement on what date.
  • Paragon Information - shows info and progress towards next Paragon
  • Display Ordering - Faction display can be ordered by % to exalted or faction name.
  • Display Filters - Faction display can be filtered by standing, expansion, alliance/horde only.
  • Auto-Change Reputation Bar - reputation bar will auto-change to faction that had last gain
  • Hide Inactive Factions - Set a faction as 'inactive' from the faction detail window. Inactive factions are moved to the bottom of the list and have a red background. Inactive factions can be hidden from the faction list by clicking 'Hide Inactive Factions' in the Config.
  • Search - click the search icon to toggle the input field to search the factions and friends


Files are in place for basic localization support. If you would like to help complete the Faction Addict localizations please contact us!

In the FactionAddict\Locales addon folder are the following files for localization. They should be your starting point if you want to help out.

  • enUS.lua - english client (complete!)
  • deDE.lua - deutsch client (Thanks Harry!)
  • esES.lua - spanish client (Thanks MrUrkaz!)
  • frFR.lua - french client
  • zhTW.lua - Chinese (traditional; Taiwan) (Thanks Sop!)
  • zhCN.lua - Chinese (simplified; mainland China) (Thanks Sop!)
  • itIT.lua - Italian client (Thanks Kemat1an!)
  • ptBR.lua - Portuguese client (Thanks Celso!)

Official Homepage:

My Other Addons:

  • Tabard Addict - tracks how many tabards have been equipped for the various tabard achievements.
  • Below Average Items - puts visual indicators on low level items on character sheet.


  • Please see the 'Changes' tab for details on what changes in each revision.
  • Latest Release: v1.72 (2022-02-26)


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