Extended Transmog Sets

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Extended Transmog Sets extends the sets listed under the appearance tab of the default collections window and the sets available to transmog at the transmogrifier.



  • View other class sets within the same armor weight.
  • Switch to other armor weights.
  • View the other faction's sets.
  • View additional armor sets not included in the sets list by default (such as questing and dungeon sets) for all expansions.
  • Icons showing if a piece of a set can be obtained or wearable on the current class.
  • Swap between alternate looks for a set such as Robe vs Chest/Pants versions.
  • Link sets as outfits in chat.
  • Quick search missing BoE set appearances on the AH.


Known Issues

  • Darkshore Warfront sets for the opposite faction won't show on the character's model.
  • The Character preview when looking at sets will sometimes be stuck undressed. Closing and reopening the collections window will remind your character how to put on clothes.