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Similar to Final Fantasy XIV 'Enemy List' feature, Enemy Grid creates a unit frame showing mobs around you!

Important: we are using curse ticket tracker for bugs and suggestions: https://wow.curseforge.com/addons/enemy-grid/tickets/

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: The addon isn't showing anything.
A: Press 'V' to enable nameplates. Also, check the box 'Always Show Nameplates' under the game Interface Options > Names
or use the macro: /run SetCVar ("nameplateShowAll", 1); SetCVar ("nameplateShowEnemies", 1);

Q: It's showing friendly player.
A: Press 'SHIFT+V' to disable friendly nameplates or uncheck the option 'Friendly Units'.

When creating a keybind on Enemy Grid, you have 6 action options:
Target: using the keybind will target the unit.
Taunt: Enemy Grid create a macro with the taunt spell of your class, using the keybind will taunt the unit.
Interrupt: same as taunt, the spell used to interrupt is auto chosen by the addon.
Dispel: same thing as taunt and interrupt.
Cast Spell: insert the spell name on the text field.
Macro: for advanced users, only use if you have to. Enemy Grid don't handle things here and you need to create the mouseover macro.
Example: /cast [target=mouseover] fireball

Enemy Grid handle debuffs for you automatically.
For advanced user which want's total control of which debuffs to show, select 'Manual' on 'Tracking Aura Method'. Then add which debuffs you want to show.

As a Tank:
- See if there is mobs not attacking you. Colors are the standard: purple for adds with aggro, yellow losing aggro and red without aggro.
- Easy keybind setup to set taunt and interrupt. It also accepts mouseover macros already created.

As a Dps:
- Quality of Life improvement for targeting. Example, if your raid leader tells to attack a new target.
- Make easily to control DOTs with no needs to hard click nameplates.
- See if there is any mob with aggro on you.
- Interrupt cast with mouseover keybinds or setting up macros directly on Enemy Grid.

As a Healer:
- See if the mob has a buff to dispel.
- Easily to track if there is a mob with aggro on you.