107 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 24, 2019 Game Version: 8.2.5

EasyReport lets you ..... easily report players. Just like right clicking a unit but faster. No more loosing a target and not being able to retarget/find them again. Just target and click! Or use the slash commands in a macro if you prefer over the menu. If you like this addon please consider donating using the botton to the right >>>>





A easy menu you can show or hide.( /er or /easyreport)

    Use the menu to easily target player click report type to open report window. 

Slash commands to open the report window.

    Example /er cheating to open a cheating report window for your target.

    /er spam

    /er language

    /er abuse

    /er badplayername

    /er badguildname

    /er cheating

    /er badbattlepetname

    /er badpetname


More to come soon....


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