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Unit Frames for retail and classic. Showing Unit Health and providing different layouts/configuration of frames with colors and many other options. Lets you select a group member quickly, while keeping a good overview of the whole group. You can add and remove options from being shown.

Can find options with /plexus in game.


You can also copy settings in-game from grid to plexus. This will only work for retail as grid doesn't work on classic anyways. It would only copy the main grid settings not settings for plugins. To do this login with both grid and plexus enabled and follow the dialog. And as always have backups of your settings!


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It is also compatible with Grid plugins. (Not Grid 2!)(Grid plugins can be used with plexus) Since plexus works with retail and classic but grid does NOT classic support for grid plugins maybe limited.


Speaking of plugins you can see a list here: List of Plugins . 


Things on my todo list with no guarantee they will be added but you can check the list to see if theres something you want already there: .