Last Updated: Feb 25, 2015 Game Version: 6.1.0


Nov 28, 2014

Owner: LiLRichy


A small collection of commands that are useful for a raid leader, grouped together on a simple panel with buttons to make setting up and managing raid groups quicker and easier.

Options to have:

  • Window automatically loads when entering a group.
  • Window automatically hides when entering combat.
  • Display the group size in chat.

Has buttons for :

  • Editing and saving Loot Rules and Voice Info to easily send in chat. "No more macro for vent info on your action bar"
  • Converting from raid to party, party to raid.
  • Setting loot method. "Master looter, Need before Greed, Personal Loot...."
  • Setting the loot threshold. "Uncommon, Rare, and Epic"
  • Sends a pull timer to BigWigs, "Dbm coming soon"
  • Ready Check.
  • Options window.

To Show main window type /dw

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